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I Am the Turkey

Mark is playing the turkey in his Thanksgiving play! He is very excited until his big brother, Tim, tells him what the turkey’s real role was in the first Thanksgiving. If Mark can’t find a way to get out of being the turkey, he could be a dead duck!

"Spirn succeeds in creating a funny story with...real drama that kids will enjoy...[a] well-told story illustrating that the show must go on."
--Kirkus Reviews

"Spirn's text is a graceful mix of quotes and narration...just right for emerging readers...gentle humor, familiar situations, and elementary school angst add depth to this solid I Can Read..."

The Know-Nothings Series

“Readers will cry from laughter at the antics of this addlepated quartet...”
--Kirkus Reviews

“...the three short chapters in each book are perfectly paced with action and humor”
--School Library Journal

The Bridges in London

“The characters are entertaining and the full-fledged mystery has engaging twists and humorous turns...Young mystery buffs and readers who want a taste of London will enjoy Spirn’s title.”
--School Library Journal