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I Am the Turkey

Today we will start doing the play...John tells how the Pilgrims came here. He tells how hard the first winter was...I look at my lines. All I say is, “Gobble! Gobble! Gobble!”

“Don’t I say more?” I ask my teacher, Ms. Willow.

“No,” says Ms. Willow. “That is all the turkey says.”

My brother tells me the real story when we walk home from school. “That is because you are an animal,” he says. “And you are dead at the end. The Pilgrims and the Indians eat you.”

“Not me,” I say. “You are just trying to make me feel bad.”

“Okay, turkey,” he says. “Ask Mom.”

That night I ask Mom. She tells me about the first Thanksgiving dinner.

Eek! I am a turkey and they eat me. Tim is right! I am a dead duck!

Selected Works

I Am the Turkey
Beginning reader for children ages 4-8.
The Know-Nothings Series
The adventures of four foolish friends as they seek French fries (in France), celebrate Boris’s birthday, Halloween and Thanksgiving in their own silly way.
The Bridges in London
Mystery for ages 9-13.

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